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When I was a child I never stopped jumping, wriggling and moving, so at age 8 my mother sent me to ballet classes. Thanks to a great teacher I developed a strong physical discipline and early body awareness. I completed R.A.D. exames up to elementary level. At the age of 16 I left ballet to pursue other styles of dancing. With a strong belief in the importance of adaptabiliy I took classes in Afro jazz, Classical Indian, contemporary and contact improvisation amongst other styles of dance.

Eventually I moved away from an interest in performance and came to focus more on the present moment and mind body connection.  This lead to attending my first yoga class. From that point on I attended classes and workshops in a variety of yoga styles to learn as much as possible.  I was influenced by Sue-Ellen Kohler,  Glen Ceresoli, Clive Sheridan, Shandor Remete, Simon Borg-Olivier, Bianca Machliss.

I still remember the first day I met Simon Borg-Olivier. His energy and passion for yoga so apparent and infectious. I was drawn to the precision and fluidity of Yoga Synergy, so completed my yoga teacher training with them in 2000 and then commenced teaching. I assisted Binaca Machliss for over 4 years. We worked as a team. Bianca taught me the importance of communication, service and adjustments. After teaching with Yoga Synergy for four and a half years I left to allow other physical practises and yoga stlyes to influence my teaching.

Since leaving Yoga Synergy I discovered the discipline of Pilates and the beauty of tai chi.  I allowed both practises to influence my yoga. Always learning and evolving I continued to teach. I taught at Elixr health clubs, co-founded and taught at Yoga Gravitas with Mathew Bergan, and taught at a variety of corporate institutions. I organised and ran workshops and retreats. I taught yoga dance, which combined explorative exercizes with the art of learning a fluid routine. I taught private lessons to people with a variety of backgrounds from professional triathletes to professional musicians and some with physical problems resulting from accident or disease.

In 2008 my first child was born. My teaching changed forever. Little did I realise the lessons of becoming a mum would be the greatest lessons of my life. Through meditation, a healthy physical practise, inner reflection and genuine intention I slowly equipped myself to be the best mum I could. I continued to teach in gyms, in halls, to my daughter's preschool friends. 2012 my son was born, just when I thought I had learnt everything the first time round I was wrong. The challenges of motherhood and family life continued, and more then ever my focus and presence of mind became important.  Moment to moment, breath to breath. I am passionate today about teaching mum's and dad's and providing a space of solace.

Over a 2 year period, whilst I was pregnant with my son and when he was tiny, I was blessed to teach in my mother's retirement village to beautiful wise grandmothers and great grandmothers. Watching the effects of breath, movement and stillness on these ladies was a very rewarding experience.

Today I am running my own adult classes in our neighbourhood, at Erkineville Public School, a special place for me. I am learning more about teaching to seniors and hope to continue doing that in the future.

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