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Sunday Yoga with Danielle Dolev

Nobody takes you on a journey like Danielle Dolev. Her classes are like no other.
Danielle draws on all that she has been taught and allows this to evolve.

The postures in her sequences are like words of a story each with place and purpose, coaxing the body and focusing the mind. The breath is utilised so that you begin to feel that the breath and body are one which develops a united pulse and rhythm to the class. Her classes are described as "dance-like" or like tai chi, yet they remain strong and dynamic.

The concept of the class and sequences taught is holistic, designed to awaken and contact the entire body. The sequences are carefully balanced with preparation for moves and postures and releasing counter-poses. There are also options and steps within the postures providing for individuals.


About Danielle

When Danielle was a child she never stopped jumping, wriggling and moving, so at age 8 her mother sent her to ballet classes. Thanks to a great teacher Danielle developed a strong physical discipline and early body awareness. She completed R.A.D exames up to elementary level. At the age of 16 Danielle left ballet to pursue other styles of dancing. With a strong belief in the importance of adaptability Danielle took classes in Afro jazz, Classical Indian, Contemporary and Contact improvisation amongst other styles of dance.

Eventually moving away from an interest in performance Danielle came to focus more on the present moment and mind body connection, and this lead to her attending her first yoga class. Danielle has attended classes and workshops in a variety of yoga styles with teachers such as Sue-Ellen Kohler, Cameron Storey, Suzanne Gray, Glen Ceresoli, Clive Sheridan, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss.

Danielle was drawn to the precision and fluidity of Yoga Synergy, where she completed her yoga teacher training in 2000 and commenced teaching. After teaching with Yoga Synergy for four and a half years Danielle left to allow other physical practices and yoga styles to influence her teaching.

Danielle taught at Elixr Health clubs, co-founded and taught at Yoga Gravitas with Mathew Bergan, and has taught at a variety of corporate institutions. Danielle has run workshops and retreats and given demonstrations on various occasions. Danielle has also taught private lessons to people with a wide variety of backgrounds from professional triathletes to professional musicians, and those with physical problems resulting from accidents. Danielle has also run courses in yoga dance.

Currently Danielle is teaching at Petersham in association with Lacademie Dance and in Marrickville at Lifestyle Fitness Australia.
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Contact: mobile 0405 918 139 email: sundayoga @

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