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yoga pose

yoga pose


I am often asked what style of yoga I teach. I usually say that I teach hatha vinyasa. Hatha simply meaning the physical practice of yoga and vinyasa linked postures. So this is a very broad term to describe a flowing style of yoga. Today there are so many styles of yoga, as teachers are being influenced in all different ways. This can be confusing for beginers but I think it is wonderful. I am not one for rigidity and absolute. As life evolves people evolve, teachings evolves. At one stage I was going to call my stlye of yoga "transit yoga", always in transition. Having said this, there is also definately a way of teaching that sits well with me, that I keep coming back to. For me it is important to move and contact as much of the body as possible. This keeps it awake, and keeps greater awareness of it's miraculous intricacies. This also allows for a greater possibility of breaking bad postural and movement habits. It is also important to be conscious of the body moving through space, the transition from one position to another.  I teach fluid movements in coordination with the breath that often resemble tai chi.  This has a remarkable affect on the state of mind and allows for complete presence and focus.  At the same time I incorporate stability and strength work whilst providing options for students of different levels.  

It is a little tricky to describe all of what I teach, probably best if I see you on the mat so you can experience it yourself.

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